Online Classified Ads

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DBA Online Classifieds

  • Alternative Legal Career - Solutions Consultant - LexisNexis

As a Telephonic Solutions Consultant, we’re looking to you to drive the kind of customer satisfaction that results in long-term retention and ongoing revenue generation. How? By providing the expertise our customers depend on to ensure they are getting the greatest benefits from their LexisNexis products, content, and tools. You’ll work to understand, meet and exceed customer needs so that they’re thrilled to be working with LexisNexis. >Apply

Additional Employment Opportunities

DBA Classified Ad Rules

  • Classified ads are accepted each month, September through June 
  • Copy and payment must be received by 1st day of month preceding  publication
  • Bar Briefs Editorial Board reserves the right to refuse any ad 
  • Classified ads of greater length are allowed
  • Additional $5 for DBA reply box
  • Submit your ad to Communications Manager Shayla:
  • Additional $5 for DBA reply box


Member: $30 per/25 words  
Non Member:  $40 per/25 words

Member: $20 per/25 words
Non Member: $30 per/25 words