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The Grievance Process

By authority of the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Dayton Bar Association Certified Grievance Committee has the authority to investigate complaints against attorneys practicing law in Montgomery County. When a complaint is received concerning a local attorney, it is forwarded to the Bar Counsel for the Dayton Bar Association. All complaints are reviewed for violations of Disciplinary Rules, which are included in the attorney’s Rules of Professional Conduct. The role of the Certified Grievance Committee is to investigate, and discipline an attorney for ethical misconduct.

The authority of the Certified Grievance Committee is limited to the investigation of attorney misconduct, in violation of the specific disciplinary rules. If ethical violations are found, the complaint will be investigated by one of two Certified Grievance Committees whose members are appointed by the President of the Dayton Bar Association. Under the guidelines of Gov. Bar Rule 5 of the Supreme Court, all complaints must be investigated within 60 days of receipt. In some cases, the Office of Grievance and Discipline of the Supreme Court may grant extensions within reasonable limits. Once a case is investigated, the investigator will present his or her report to the entire Committee. After hearing the report, the Committee will vote on the recommendation of the investigator. No complaint shall be filed by a Certified Grievance Committee unless a majority of a quorum of that Committee determines the complaint is warranted.

The Certified Grievance Committee operates under rules adopted by the Supreme Court of Ohio and consists of attorney and non-attorney members. These rules are designed to protect the public from attorney misconduct and to uphold the integrity of the Bar. Members of the Certified Grievance Committee thoroughly investigate complaints of misconduct.

Filing a Grievance

If you feel you have a complaint regarding an attorney who practices law in Montgomery County, you may file a grievance with the Dayton Bar Association. In order to file a grievance, the complaint must be submitted in writing to the Dayton Bar Association. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number along with the name, address and phone number of the attorney. Also include the nature of the complaint. If you have paperwork that supports the complaint, please send copies of that paperwork. Original documents should never be sent as we cannot guarantee they can be returned to you. Once the Dayton Bar Association reviews a complaint, written confirmation will be sent in 4-5 weeks regarding the status of your complaint.

Complaints should be mailed to:

Administrator-Grievance Committee
The Dayton Bar Association
109 N. Main St., Ste. 600
Dayton, OH 45402-1129

If at any time you have questions regarding the process please contact Chris Albrektson at (937) 222-7902 or

PLEASE NOTE: For claims against Judges in any county in Ohio, please contact the Supreme Court of Ohio at (614) 387-9370.

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