DBA Continuing Legal Education

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DBA Continuing Legal Education

Think Locally, Act Locally for All of Your CLE

Providing more than 150 hours of CLE programming annually, the DBA serves as your local resource for professional development. The DBA strives to offer the most convenient, cost-effective, quality CLE seminars through a variety of formats.

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Live Streaming

All live programming will be available for streaming to your location of choice, whether your office or home computer.  

On-Demand CLE

Through a collaboration with our peer bar associations in Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Toledo, the DBA has a robust catalog of program offerings that can be accessed 24/7 on the 3rd party streaming platform, CE21. Because these programs are shared among our peer bar associations, these programs are not DBA Passport eligible. Because our On-Demand programs are administered on the 3rd party site, CE21, you must log in on CE21's page that can be found here: View On-Demand CLEs on CE21.com

On Demand CLE

Questions? Contact the DBA CLE Department at (937) 222-7902.