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This is an exciting time to become a DBA member — our permanent home in Performance Place at the Schuster Center is a warm, welcoming and conveniently located space designed to serve our members and our community.

And you may be surprised to learn that when fully utilized, member benefits exceed the cost of membership!

Don't miss the opportunity to Take the Advantage and enjoy the savings and benefits of membership!

The following members have not only taken the advantage of DBA Membership, they have gone above and beyond to support the Dayton Bar Association:
» 100% Club Firms
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2019-2020 DBA Membership Dues Are Currently Pro-Rated
50% Off Now Through June 30th!




Year Admitted to Bar


Attorney Membership


Public Service

Sustaining Public
Service Membership

Pro-Rate Dues

Pro-Rate Dues

Pro-Rate Dues

Pro-Rate Dues

2018 & 2019


$100 $50


$100 $50

2016 – 2017

$175 $90

$275 $140

$ 90 $45

$190 $95

2015 - Prior

$275 $140


$140 $70

$235 $120

*Contact Chris for questions about other special membership
 rates and payment plans not listed:

DBA Member Benefits Outweigh the Cost of Membership!