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Dayton Bar Response Plan to COVID-19 Update
In response to the health guidelines provided by the Montgomery County/Dayton Public Health Department ( and other state/national/international agencies, the Dayton Bar Association Offices will be closed until further notice. DBA Staff will work virtually and will be available through the DBA main line and email.  The DBA is live online and working to continue our services to assist the legal community and the greater Dayton community.  

You can find our cancelations and postponed event list as well as local court updates here. Many of our services continue to be available online, including online CLENotaryLRSBar Briefs Magazine , and access to DBA section information.

NEW! The DBA will be using Zoom Video technology for future sections meetings so our members can continue to meet virtually.

Don’t have a Zoom Account?  If you don't currently use Zoom, open this link early to set up access. It's free. Please contact the

The DBA team is working to move scheduled live CLE programming to interactive webinars. We currently offer self-study CLE and encourage you to review the many offerings available: 

NEW! DBA Live Webinar Series: DBA Bar Talk
As you're planning your week, please tune in for our new weekly webinar series via Zoom. We'll keep you updated as we add to our virtual programming.

We are mindful decisions surrounding operations in the current climate may change daily, so we will provide any updates to this plan, as necessary. The DBA team is committed to be a resource for you and your practice as we all navigate this rapidly changing situation. We are here for you.

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Local Court Updates
Please see links below:

Additional Resources